Who are we?

Publiée le 5 février 2010 | In English

Welcome to the Pink City!

Arc-en-Ciel is the organisation which covers over fifteen groups that exist in Toulouse to further the visibility and rights of all LGBT people. There are commissions for health and education; groups that fight for an end to homophobia in the workplace and sport but also associations that cover pastimes like hiking or cycling, theatre outings and get-togethers in various bars.

There is the Film Festival, Des-Images-aux-Mots which is held at the beginning of February every year and shows the latest in queer cinema over seven days. All the films are in original version and sub-titled in french and of course many of them are in english. And last but not least Arc-en-Ciel organises Pride march which takes place every June on the main streets of Toulouse.

For a long time there has been a campaign to have a centre in the heart of town and finally this is coming together. A space has been found which is close to St Aubin and will be fully operational early next year. Eventually the centre will be a place where people can drop in and get information on whatever they need and where there will always be a sympathetic ear should you the need. In the meantime there will be someone on duty every tuesday at 18h30 at the cms. Please contact us first.

You can always write in english on the contact page on the website, quite a few people in Arc-en-Ciel speak excellent english and are only too glad to help.

2 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Corey says:

    Hi –

    i’m in Toulouse until the end of the month and am excited to find out that i’ll be here during pride! I wanted to know if any bars will be having parties or events? The only gay bar i’ve heard of so far is Limelight…i haven’t checked it out yet though.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. mech says:

    Hello Corey! Plenty of parties are available after the gay pride, The Kleo (Ile du ramier) will have a massive party afterwards, the bear’s bar is also doing a party, as is the beaucoup and the mojito and plenty of other.
    There is no official gay pride party so you are free to go were you please 🙂
    Please come and see us at capitole on saturday or look for our truck (arc en Ciel) or jules et julies. We will probably have more information then.